Versatile Style with Bathroom Vessel Sinks

The versatility of bathroom vessel sinks is limitless, and that’s only one of these stylish sinks’ many great qualities. If you’ve ever heard someone describe bathroom vessel sinks as exclusively modern, they’ve only seen a small percentage of the sinks available in vessel style. What many people don’t realize is that bathroom vessel sinks have been in use in homes for over 100 years and therefore come in an enormous range of shapes, designs, colors, and materials.

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The Appeal for Artisan Wood Sinks and Tubs

The Sinks Gallery offices are located on a beautifully rural Pacific Northwest island named Whidbey, a place where the landscape and architecture often complement one another. From the sheep farms to the shipyards, the residents of this community show their admiration of local timber with traditional Craftsman style homes, timber framed cabins, and zen-inspired wooden spa retreats. In any of these environments, we’re seeing an abundance of unique designs that all include artisan wood sinks.

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