5 Glass Pedestal Sinks Crafted to Impress

As you might imagine, pedestal sinks are ideal for compact spaces, and for the minimalist who wants to avoid a cluttered vanity or countertop. More than that, they have become a growing trend in bathroom décor as a standalone showcase item. For the finest in functional art, feast your eyes on these five phenomenal glass pedestal sinks. Whether you intended to have one match an elaborate, luxury design, or to be the magnum opus of a simple, modern bathroom, these models are crafted to impress. 

Eclectic Sunburst Glass Pedestal Sink available at SinksGallery.comThe Sunburst

The Sunburst glass pedestal sink has a melted ice texture and is a masterful piece of handcrafted glass work. The sink and countertop are integrated, resulting in a sink that resembles the circular sun and rays of amber, gold, and black shading spreading out from its center. The pyramidal pedestal itself is a work of art, as well, displaying a similar sunburst design.


Rustic Classic Tuscan Fire Vignette Glass Pedestal Sink available at SinksGallery.comTuscan Fire Vignette

The handmade textured glass of the Tuscan Fire Vignette pedestal sink is crafted to resemble a 3D fiery pattern with layering and metallic luster. These pieces are true works of art, made in the USA and signed by the artist, resulting in a showcase piece that you will be proud to display. The vessel sink, countertop, pedestal base cover, backsplash, and mounting brackets are all separate pieces, each adding their own distinctive element to this classically handsome piece.

Modern clear Half Moon Glass Pedestal Sink available at SinksGallery.comThe Half Moon

The watery texture of the Half Moon glass pedestal sinks would greatly embellish any modern bathroom or spa area that already includes water features. The integrated sink and small countertop can squeeze into tight spaces, and still provide an impressive element at which to gaze in any modern bathroom.

Elegant Folded Tulip Glass Sink on Cherry Wood Pedestal available at SinksGallery.comFolded Tulip

You might think this naturally elegant piece belongs in a museum rather than your bathroom! You and your guests will enjoy the beautiful glass Folded Tulip vessel sink displayed artistically on a carved cherry wood veneer pedestal that neatly conceals any unattractive plumbing. Shown here in “amber” color, but other sink colors are available.

Modern Blue Fleur-De-Lis Glass Pedestal Sink available at SinksGallery.comBlue Fleur De Lis

This stunning glass pedestal sink has a countertop that flares out with an edgy opaque blue base color and white sandblasted rays on top. The integrated countertop/sink will be mounted to the wall with clips, but the whole piece is also supported by a similarly colored glass base.


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