Eco-Friendly Sinks

The term “Eco-friendly” or “green” is used to describe activities which are good for the environment and is shortened from “ecologically friendly.” Eco-friendly products are constructed in an environmentally friendly way in order to benefit our environment.

Sinks Gallery specializes in Eco-friendly sinks that are ecologically friendly because they are constructed from recycled materials using earth-friendly methods. If you’re serious about making earth sustaining choices you will want to consider recycled materials in the sinks you choose for your living space. Recycled and alternative materials such as copper, concrete, glass, and wood will not only make good sense ecologically but make sense stylistically too.

Recycled Copper

Sinks Gallery offers Soluna Copper sinks made in Mexico from recycled copper. The copper is reclaimed from building sites and other copper scraps that was formerly tossed into landfills. Soluna Copper sinks contain no lead which makes them safe for your home.  Plus, copper‘s antimicrobial qualities make it a perfect choice for a bathroom sink.

Flat-back copper sink


Sinks Gallery’s concrete sinks are made from 45% Portland cement replacements, including crushed glass and fibers, pulverized concrete from demolished roadways, and leftover ingredients from the porcelain industry, along with other earth-friendly proprietary materials. They contain no river rock and up to 87% less river and delta sand, reducing the impact on local waterways. This material reduces the weight by up to 75% and reduces carbon output in both manufacturing and shipping.

NuCrete™ sinks hardwood stand from Sinks Gallery

Recycled Glass

Recycled Glass Sinks from Sinks Gallery are made from 100% recycled glass. More hand work than machine work is used in the manufacture of these sinks in an effort to minimize electrical power use. Recycled glass sinks are a great environmental choice and add unique style and individuality.

Sabi glass vessel sink


Teak Sinks are a unique combination of great durability and stability. Teak sinks and bathtubs from Sinks Gallery are made with environmentally sustainable wood, grown on plantations and harvested from mixed deciduous forests in South Asia, and not taken from rainforests. Elephants are often used to bring out the logs, resulting in far less of an impact on the forests than if machinery were used.

Tribeca Teak flat sink

Soluna Root Sinks from Bali are made with wood reclaimed from forest lands that were harvested many years ago. Exclusive at Sinks Gallery every aspect in the making of these sinks is done by hand, from the recovery of the raw material to the handwork used to make them. Each sink is a piece of art and no two the same.

Teak wood vessel sink