Ideal Situations for Bathroom Pedestal Sinks

If you have the opportunity to incorporate features such as bathroom pedestal sinks to your space, residential or commercial, be sure to take it! Many trends come and go, but the (currently trending!) classic look of bathroom pedestal sinks is a keeper. Below, we’ve identified several characteristics of spaces that make particular bathrooms fantastic destinations for these stylish, leggy fixtures.


Limited Space

Allowing a sink basin to balance on a single porcelain leg, a pedestal sink is the ultimate space saver for small bathrooms. Bathroom pedestal sinks take up a fraction of the space of a standard vanity but ensure a room feels put together.
Example: Iron Ribbon Pedestal

Iron Ribbon Pedestal Sink

Historical Home Design

A tip of the hat to past eras, installing a bathroom pedestal sink can add some old-time sophistication to your home. Try visualizing a traditional white, ribbed column pedestal sink that is reminiscent of the beautiful architecture of Ancient Greece and Rome. Now imagine how that simple, classic design would instantly add refinement to any space.
Example: Vanessa Pedestal Sink

Porcelain Pedestal Sink

Designated Stations

Installing several bathroom pedestal sinks is a great way to define specific places in your bathroom, i.e. your and your spouse’s individual spaces for brushing teeth, shaving, etc. Keep in mind that pedestal sinks do not provide the storage that a standard bathroom vanity would, so you might consider placing a unique chest of drawers in between your pedestals for that purpose.
Example: Veneto Stone Pedestal

Stone pedestal sink

Minimalizing “Stuff”

As mentioned above, pedestal sinks inherently require some downsizing and creative storage of typical bathroom toiletries. If you’re attempting a minimalist style, and need to remove the temptation to keep all your go-to’s out on the counter, installing bathroom pedestal sinks will quickly train you to stay organized and keep only what is absolutely essential.
Example: Fontana Console

Fontana Pedestal Sink with wood and porcelain