Our Artists Making Green Sinks

Now more than ever, we all need to be dedicated to driving high-quality, innovative design that will be sustainable in our environment. From cars, to technology, to skyscrapers, the leaders in industry know they must strive for a small footprint, while creating unique products for consumers and that is why we are proud to offer small batch, artisan crafted goods, such as green sinks and faucets whose sourcing and creation are as environmentally friendly as possible.

Recycled and Earth-Friendly Materials

It’s not surprising that artists often lead the way in innovation, and are likely to have a knack for upcycling and thrift. Our artisan-made sinks are often created using recycled and reclaimed materials, such as metal, clay, glass, and wood. For those who aren’t striving for a “tree house” aesthetic, have no fear; green sinks don’t necessarily appear recycled. In fact, our amazing collection of functional art is not only helpful for those of you seeking LEED or Built Green Certification, but they are so unique and stylish they will perfectly coordinate with any other high-end décor.


Copper - Rounded Front Single Well Copper Farmhouse Sink

As an example, our Soluna brand copper sinks are created by hand in Mexico from the reclaimed copper wire from building sites and scrap that would otherwise sit in landfills. Our artisans’ heritage method of coppersmithing includes melting down the scrap and working with it by hand until it becomes several of our gorgeous, artisan green sinks.


Teak and Roots - Freeform Teak Wood Vessel Sink



Our gorgeous, one of a kind teak sinks and bathtubs are made with environmentally sustainable wood that is grown on plantations in South Asia and harvested and is not taken from sensitive rainforests. Elephants are often used to transport the logs through the forests, resulting in reduced impact than if machinery were to be used. Even more, artisans in Bali discovered a beautiful use for the stumps left from forest lands that were harvested many years ago for use as our rustic, distinctive Soluna Teak Root Sinks.


Earthcrete - Notebook Bowl Vessel Sink


This line of beautiful kitchen and bath sinks amazingly consists of reclaimed materials from roadways, leftover ingredients from the porcelain industry, and crushed glass and fibers to make up its distinctive look. This material is also significantly lighter in weight than a traditional Portland cement, which reduces carbon output during manufacturing and shipping.

Green Technology - Hands Free Gooseneck Faucet


We carry several lines of faucets that offer hands-free, electronic options to complement green sinks. These products help reduce water consumption by 3-5% in a typical household. Also important to note, when legislation in Vermont and California began requiring lead-free faucets, many of the faucet lines we carry began phasing out products containing lead, giving us an array of lead-free products.