The Diversity of Rustic Bathroom Sinks

Contrary to one of its dictionary definitions being “simple, artless, or unsophisticated,” designers around the world know that rustic style can run the gamut from modest to flashy, and unassuming to awe-inspiring. Although rooted to rural or “country” origins, it would be a shame for rustic style to be constrained to only timber-framed lodges or stone-clad cottages (although they do fit fabulously there, of course). Here we’ll show you the diversity of a series of artisan rustic bathroom sinks that will have you redecorating to show them all off:

Metal Relic

Green Crystalline Metallic Finish Vessel Sink from

Inspired by ancient pottery and antiquities in museums, this artist developed a unique crystalline glaze to accentuate the luster of these rustic bathroom sinks. With colors ranging from green to aqua, to amber, this handcrafted ceramic vessel will complement a variety of color schemes in your home.

Amber Allure

Amber Rain Glass Vessel Sink from

The multi-dimensional effect of this rustic handmade glass vessel sink is a creative technique for employing layers of reverse hand painting and metallic luster. Perfectly accompanied by any vanity ranging from roughhewn lumber to a sleek model, this fused glass sink would be a handsome, rustic option to add to your bathroom.

Copper Calm

Rectangular Zen Copper Vessel Sink from

This minimalist vessel sink is crafted by artisans out of hand-hammered copper and is finished in a Dark Smoke patina. With its open design, this sink is very popular with spas and resorts where simplicity encourages relaxation. Who doesn’t want to add a rustic touch to their Zen-like atmosphere?

Revealing Faucet

Waterbridge Pizazz Rustic Copper Faucet from

Harking back to industrial days, this rustic deck mount faucet has a limited edition pizazz copper finish, with elegantly mottled swirls of sheen. Like any copper, this faucet has a living finish that will change and patina over time depending on use. We imagine this faucet nicely completing the look of a chic-industrial themed bathroom, along with rustic bathroom sinks of course!

Boulder Beauty

Natural granite vessel sink from

A hunk of green-gray granite carved from a boulder will rock every one of your guests with its enormous, rustic personality and splendor. Known for having beautiful concentrations of sparkly mica fleck, this sink beautifully coordinates with metallic accessories and fixtures.

Awesome Onyx

Soluna Red Onyx Zen Vessel Sink from

These exquisite vessel sinks are handcrafted from a rare solid stone, Red Onyx. In fact, these are the last few sinks of this variety, as it has become more difficult to locate sources of this semi-precious gemstone of the quartz variety. These striated sinks are prized for their translucency and unique color combinations. Artisans remind us that this stone is known to bring joy and tranquility and that the material for each vessel was hand chosen by sculptors before being transformed into these functional pieces of art.

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