Three Best Bathroom Sink Styles for Small Spaces

We have a really small guest bathroom. Not only is it small but it is oddly shaped.

Like most of us, when you are working with a builder or contractor, and they whip out the plans for the umpteenth time, the sizes of the rooms are hard to visualize on a floor plan. I didn’t even know that there are at least three major styles of bathroom sinks for small spaces, on top of not visualizing the space.

If I had been a savvy person, I should have gone to and looked at the various styles of sinks that are available, but I didn’t. I didn’t even consider that.

But if I had, I would have noticed that there is a world of choices for pedestal sinks, vessel sinks and some really cool styles of wall mounted sinks.

I look at our weird little guest bath, and think, ‘an Italian styled corner sink would allow a guest to straighten up their clothes before they leave’! Or, if I was to choose a pedestal sink, I would not be stuck choosing between a ‘pseudo-Victorian style sink’ and the ‘industrial model’, I found at the local giant hardware store.

In retrospect, you can’t find any bathroom sinks for small spaces in a local hardware store, since few offer any selection at all. Instead, I could have ordered a sleek wood and porcelain design, that my guests would be talking about when they stepped out of the bathroom.

I could have stepped it up a notch with an artisan crafted glass vessel sink chosen to coordinate with the bathroom decor and maybe pick up the ambient light from the window, so when you walked into the room the glass would illuminate. Wow!

The lesson I learned is to go to a specialist like instead of listening to my builder (whose motto is – “you like pink, I like pink”).