Versatile Style with Bathroom Vessel Sinks

The versatility of bathroom vessel sinks is limitless, and that’s only one of these stylish sinks’ many great qualities. If you’ve ever heard someone describe bathroom vessel sinks as exclusively modern, they’ve only seen a small percentage of the sinks available in vessel style. What many people don’t realize is that bathroom vessel sinks have been in use in homes for over 100 years and therefore come in an enormous range of shapes, designs, colors, and materials.

Another advantage of bathroom vessel sinks’ versatility is that they are easily replaceable. If you change the motif of your bathroom, fear not! Your vessel sink style can change without having to replace an entire vanity or countertop. As opposed to a drop-in or undermount sink which requires a large sink-shaped hole to be cut in your countertop, a vessel sink only requires a small drain hole that is typically matched easily with other new styles of vessel sinks should you wish you replace it someday.

At, we offer a wide variety of artisan designed and handcrafted bathroom vessel sinks that can fit in all sorts of bathroom styles:

Glass Vessel Sinks

Sink artists working in glass can be extremely flexible in their craft. Glass can be blown, slumped, or fused, each technique resulting in its own unique look. Take a look at the variety of thickness, shapes, colors, and patterns in this glass bathroom vessel sink offered on


Metal Vessel Sink

Copper and bronze are popular metal materials for bathroom vessel sinks, as well. Most metals develop a beautiful patina over time, and can be handcrafted from a mold or hammered from sheets resulting in another wide range of available styles:


Wood, Stone, and Ceramic Vessel Sinks

Vessel sinks really can be made of anything that can be carved, molded, cast, blown, or slumped! After browsing these beautiful bathroom vessels, head over to to peek at our beautiful selection of the best-handcrafted pieces available online: