The Versatility of Glass Vessel Sinks

In case you’ve seen enough of the traditional bathroom sinks (you know the ones - the drop-in, undermount, or wall-mount sinks) while searching for that perfect sink for your bathroom renovation, take a look at our artisan-made glass vessel sinks.

Here are the top five reasons why you should consider a vessel sink:

Vessel Sinks are Easily Changeable

Arachne glass vessel sink Unlike the traditional type of sinks we mentioned above, the vessel sinks are easily changeable. They sit on top of the vanity or countertop, so they are easier to remove and install. Changing out a drop-in or an undermount sink may become way more challenging. Imagine using the White Spiral Blown Glass Vessel Sink (shown to the left) as the primary, and then changing it to the Etched Glass Vessel Sink – Birds for special occasions.  Our selection of artisanal glass vessel sinks will give you plenty of opportunities to create your own bathroom style!

Vessel Sinks Look Great

Maybe you are thinking about remodeling the house, but you are not sure how far on the style scale you want to go. The bathroom may be a good place to start since it is not a room where you “hang out". You can be more aggressive, with the glass vessel sink being the focal point in the room. You can go with bold color and a funky shape, such as the Azzuro Wavy Edge Glass Vessel Sink. If you then get positive comments about your new bathroom, you can go ahead and take more chances with your design for the rest of the home.

Vessel Sinks Allow for More Counter Space

Arachne glass vessel sink If you have a recessed bathroom sink, your vanity or countertop space will be limited because the top, or wide end is flush against the counter. The vessel sink sits on top, so you will have more counter space available. Using a smaller size sink, such as the Arachne Glass Vessel Sink would be an ideal choice if you wanted to go this route.

Vessel Sinks Allow for More Space Inside of the Vanity

For the same reasons mentioned above, you will also have more storage space, as you won’t have to deal with the bottom of the sink taking up that valuable space inside of your vanity cabinets.

Vessel Sinks Come in Various Styles

Mardi Gras Splash Glass Vessel SinkYou are certainly not limited to round or square sinks, as there are more stylish options out there. You can go with a rectangle style, such as the Glass River Design Moss Rock Glass Vessel Sink. It also has a nice pattern with three different color options. There are freeform shapes available, like the Mardi Gras Splash Blown Glass Vessel Sink, with its festive color combination. You can also take it to another level with a hand-blown vessel sink like the Copper Blue Water Bowl Blown Glass Vessel Sink.

Many of these vessel sinks offer different color combinations, so they will virtually go with any color scheme. If you are still not sure about some of the available options, the design pros at Sinks Gallery are there to answer any questions you may have.

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