Acacia Vessel Sink

Model #: DG-ACAC
Our Price: $1,095
Product Description
This is a stunning, one-of-a kind vessel sink made from a single piece of acaica. The acacia is plantation grown and is a renewable resource.

This artist specializes in making unique top mount and vessel sinks from a wide variety of select wood. These utilitarian items become beautiful works of art which are warm and quiet and become a focal point wherever they are used. The sinks are treated with a highly durable and stain resistant clear finish which protects and enhances the beauty of the wood. To protect the environment all lumber used is either plantation grown or from reclaimed sources. Each piece of wood is hand-selected and only the most beautiful pieces are used assuring that each sink is a unique piece of art. Many times the most beautiful pieces of a tree are discarded either during harvesting or in landfills. This is some of the wood we use. After an initial selection it is cut and only then will we know what is inside. Finding and identifying suitable wood is difficult and time consuming but is only the first step in creating these sculptures.

The artist uses a state of the art patented finish. This is an extremely hard, durable, stain resistant and waterproof finish that is locked into the wood. It took over two years to develop this 13 step process that takes several weeks to complete. The result is a sink that will take the rigors of everyday use and still retain its beauty for many years. A quick wipe with a soft cloth is all that is needed to keep these sinks looking new. No further maintenance is required. A gentle soap may be used but, like other modern sinks, avoid using abrasive cleaners. As with glass or stone sinks, wood sinks could be damaged by a heavy blow from a hard object but, with reasonable care, they will stay looking new for many years.

Product Specifications
15 1/4" diameter x 5" deep

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