Amber Blue Vortex Vessel Sink

Model #: STA-002
  • Made in the USA
  • Swirling vortex of colors within the glass
  • Slight metallic treatment of the outer surface
  • 15" Diameter
  • 5.5" Height
  • Each Sink is Unique
Our Price: $1,595
Product Description
The free hand blown glass Vortex series sinks use an undulating vortex of colors that swirl toward the drain. The colors are transparent and reactive with one another, creating many new colors where they meet. A slight metallic surface treatment added to the outside of the bowl reflects shimmering color back at the viewer. The thick lip compliments the color of the body and provides extra strength. This sink is also available in a large size that measures 20-22" Diameter x 6-7" deep and is priced at $2,400. Custom sizes and colors are also available, please contact us for details. Sizes may vary slightly as these are free hand blown using no shaping molds.

*Please Note: This is a custom made sink. The product shown in the image above is an example of one of the sinks made in this style. Due to the artisan crafted, one-of-a-kind nature of our products, variations will occur in design and coloration.

Product Specifications
15" Diameter x 5" Deep

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