Bathroom Vanity Sinks

Sinks Gallery features a vast assortment of vanity furniture for bathrooms of all shapes, sizes and designs. While most of the vanities offered by Sinks Gallery vary in construction and design, they all share a common element: individuality. No matter what kind of bathroom project you are undertaking, our artisan crafted pieces offer a gorgeous pairing of cabinetry, countertop, and sink.

A bathroom vanity can be defined as a piece of cabinetry or storage furniture which supports and surrounds the bathroom sink. Vanities can be pedestals that incorporate shelving, full dressers with many drawers for storage, and a variety of variations in between.

Bathroom vanity furniture is a popular design element because it increases storage space as well as visual interest in the bathroom. The purchase of a quality bathroom vanity is a wise investment. As functional works of art, vanities (especially those that are custom-made) add a designer edge to the overall aesthetic flavor of the bathroom, making the space more unique and ultimately improving the value of the home.

It’s important to differentiate a bathroom vanity from a console sink. A console consists simply of legs that support the sink basin. There is no storage aspect involved in the design of the console sink, making it more relatable to the pedestal sink.