Brute Fossil Vessel in Picasso- Set of 2

Model #: CRE-236/233
  • Unique shell-shaped design
  • Real marine life fossils embedded into stone by nature
  • Hand carved from a solid block of stone and polished to perfection
  • 15.5" Diameter x 4.5" Height
  • For vessel (countertop) installation
  • Stone sourced from the Sahara desert in North Africa
  • Last sinks available at this special price!
  • In Stock - Ships in 5-7 days
Our Price: $450
Product Description

These sinks are the last of their kind available at this special price!


This is a set of 2 sinks, perfect for a double vanity! These unique sinks are made of hand-carved stone, embedded with fossils. The stone is sourced from the Sahara Desert in North Africa.


The spiral shells are ammonites, an ancient relative of today's nautilus and squids, the "Picasso" color is a lush black mixed with rich rust color tones to contract the white and off-white colors of the fossils.


The availability of these beautiful fossil sinks is diminishing greatly throughout the years. 


*Photos show the exact sinks that you will be receiving.

Product Specifications
  • 15.5" Diameter x 4.5" Height
  • Vessel installation
  • Shell shape