Console Sinks

Individuals who prefer a sophisticated look to their bathroom would be wise to invest in a console sink. Unique in appearance and practical in design, console sinks are excellent alternatives to traditional countertop/sink combinations. From small bathrooms that require design simplicity to large spaces that call for polished grandeur, console sinks are an excellent option.
A console sink typically features a sink vessel set into a four-legged vanity-type counter. Similar to antique appliances, consoles look best in organized bathrooms featuring clean lines and clutter-free space. Despite their straightforward design, there are lots of options from which to choose when it comes to console sinks. In addition to traditional porcelain designs, many modern consoles feature hand-blown glass fixtures, granite counters and more.
A leading supplier of artisan-crafted bathroom products, Sinks Gallery specializes in console sinks. Among our dozens of consoles is the ever-popular Suzette. Featuring a cast bronze base with front-pieces available in plain, hammered and bamboo textures, the Suzette console is in a league of its own. Vessel sinks to go with consoles vary widely and are often sold separately.
Another quality console sink offered by Sinks Gallery is the Vortex. Unlike the Suzette, the Vortex is distinguished more by its sink than its base. Featuring a bronze sink that is actually built into the console, the appearance of the Vortex is one of a seamless mold that expertly fuses art and practicality. Ideal for modern bathrooms that require simple pieces of advanced design, the Vortex is an exceptional product.