Copper Kitchen Sinks

Copper sinks are certainly some of the more beautiful choices where kitchen basins are concerned. From large, bold farm sinks to traditional under-counter sinks, copper basins add an element of sophistication to even the most conservative of spaces. Regardless of size, décor or design, any kitchen can benefit from the warm presence of a copper sink.
A leader in copper sink design and craftsmanship, Sinks Gallery creates a vast assortment of copper kitchen sinks from which to choose. Along with the many extraordinary copper kitchen sinks in our SoLuna collection, we also offer the Chameleon Copper Farm Sink, an unusual piece with a sculpted front apron that comes in a variety of motifs. This elegant design features comes in a variety of copper finishes.
For circular enthusiasts, Sinks Gallery also offers several round bar and prep sinks. Besides beautiful copper design, these come in different sizes and mounting styles to suit a variety of kitchen counters.
Individuals who are looking for a truly unique product can’t go wrong with a copper kitchen sink from Sinks Gallery. There are a myriad of products available – we haven’t even mentioned the fact that they all come in single-well, double-well and triple-well styles, can be custom-ordered and that we offer a variety of different finishes!
There’s no doubt, copper is a great material for kitchen sinks.