Drop-In Undermount Bath Sinks

As far as bathroom sink basins are concerned, drop-in sinks beautifully combine two very appealing features: a fully displayed piece of art, and a wide, secure, waterproof rim. Partially recessed sinks provide a broad canvas for specialty decoration, such as hand painting or shaped rims that add a lot to bathroom decor. Ceramic, copper, stainless and stone are all well suited to drop in bathroom sinks installations.
Picture of Hand Painted Sink - Cherubs

Hand Painted Sink - Cherubs

Starting At: $1,365
Picture of Hand Painted Sink - Faenza

Hand Painted Sink - Faenza

Starting At: $1,180
Picture of Hand Painted Sink - Fiore

Hand Painted Sink - Fiore

Starting At: $1,275
Picture of Hand Painted Sink - Griffin

Hand Painted Sink - Griffin

Starting At: $1,305
Picture of Hand Painted Sink - Lascaux

Hand Painted Sink - Lascaux

Starting At: $1,230
Undermount bath sinks are unrivaled when you want the clean look of wide, open counter space. Whether you want to play down the sinks presence or showcase it, an undermount bathroom sink can do the job. This basin sink style can be made in the simplest of shapes, or can be quite ornate. Undermount sinks at their very best are paired with stone, wood or glass countertops for a sleek modern look. Other great effects for an undermount bath sink include the glowing, backlit glass sink, or a brilliant colored basin sink set into a dark counter like a hidden jewel. Along with round or oval sink shapes, we offer a variety of designs such as square or leaf shape. Some beautiful artworks are available in our designer sinks line.