Farmhouse Sinks

With trends in interior architecture constantly shifting, updates in modern kitchen and bath design are never at rest. What is popular today is often completely outdated tomorrow, thus it is hard to commit to any particular style. That is why the farmhouse sink is such a brilliant choice for contemporary design. A staple in kitchens and bathrooms for literally hundreds of years, the farmhouse sink is a product that never goes out of fashion.
What sets farmhouse basins apart from many of today's standard sinks is capacity. On average, farmhouse sinks are considerably larger and deeper than most other sinks. Ideal for kitchens that are as attractive as they are functional, farmhouse sinks are great because they combine practicality with sophistication. When fused with modern detail, antique touches such as traditionally exposed aprons take on a contemporary flair.
Sinks Gallery has a large collection of farmhouse sinks, each distinct in design and composition. The Polished Front farmhouse sink is an example of one of our finer products. Made of granite and featuring a beautifully polished apron, this product seamlessly combines the antique charm of farm style with clean contemporary design. What's more, it's available in black, beige and blue/grey finishes.
In addition to the products listed above, Sinks Gallery features a wide variety of products from our SoLuna collection. One of the more popular products offered in this line is the 42" triple-well copper farmhouse sink, which is ideal for larger spaces. Offered in a variety of sizes and finishes, this and our other SoLuna copper farmhouse sinks are excellent alternatives. In addition to our standard pre-made products, Sinks Gallery farmhouse sinks can also be custom-ordered for those with specific design needs.