Glass Vessel Sinks

Glass sinks and vessel mounts practically go hand-in-hand. Due to their unique and beautiful design, glass sinks are typically not mounted under counters. Instead, individuals who favor glass sinks frequently prefer to display them mounted on top of the counter, thus allowing the entire sink to be exhibited like the work of art it is. However, Sinks Gallery also offers glass sinks that can be under-counter mounted. Lit from below, they are absolutely stunning.

Glass sinks are functional works of art. Thus, for the same reasons no one would choose to display a Renoir masterpiece under a shade, proud owners of glass sinks don't usually wish to conceal their treasures beneath standard cabinetry. Fortunately, Sinks Gallery has a wide variety of glass vessel sinks that are designed specifically to be displayed in the open. From modern basins to more traditional vessels, Sinks Gallery has something for every taste.

One of Sink Gallery's most impressive glass pieces is the Square Glass Vessel. A clear glass basin measuring 17" by 17"; this sink's strongest design point is its simplicity. Depending on aesthetic, the bottom of the sink can be either stainless steel or glass. The visual result is that of a clear glass box of water floating atop the counter. It is truly remarkable.

For individuals who prefer a bit of color, the Autumn Mosaic is a spectacular option. This sink is comprised of hand-blown colored glass set within an annealed glass bowl. The colorful effect of this unique, undermounted sink is nothing less than extraordinary. It is available in a variety of colors and designs, and our "color swatch" feature ensures you will be happy with the final result. This sink, paired with an onyx countertop and underlit creates a dramatic, unified look that properly display this unique work of art.