Green Sinks and Faucets

Anyone building or remodeling these days is looking closely at every product they specify. No longer is cost the only factor driving materials selection; today’s buyers know there are healthier products available for their families and the planet. Purchasing Sinks Gallery products is a beautiful way to get valuable credits toward LEED or Built Green certification.
Artists have long been known for leading the way, and here at Sinks Gallery we’re proud to be part of the foray into green. As an online company we have never printed those catalogs that stuff mailboxes and over-tax municipal waste facilities. In our offices and warehouses we recycle everything.
Recycled and Reclaimed Materials
Much of the Sinks Gallery product line is artisan made, in small shops. We put enormous effort into ensuring that every step in the creation of our sinks and faucets is as environmentally friendly as possible.
Artisan made products are often created using recycled materials. Our amazing collection of functional art features numerous items made from recycled or reclaimed clay, metal, glass and wood.
Our SoLuna copper sink line is a prime example of reuse. We make these sinks in Mexico, from recycled copper. The copper itself is manufactured from wire reclaimed from building sites and other copper scrap that used to be tossed into landfills. In a process that harks back to the beginning of our metal working heritage, reclaimed metal is melted down, sometimes by the craftsmen themselves, making these sinks the ultimate environmentally friendly choice.
Lead free When legislation in Vermont and California made lead free faucets a must, the faucet industry began phasing out products containing lead. Now many of the lines we offer are lead free.
Hands free Several faucet lines are also now offering hands free, electronic faucets. Not only are these simple to use, but they have been shown to help reduce water consumption by about 3 - 5% in a typical household. Automatic faucets can also help inhibit the spread of gems. Models that can be preset can also help prevent scalding incidents by tempering the flow out of the faucet.