Soaking Bath Tubs

Okay, now we’re talking luxury. The ideal functional centerpiece to complete a bath retreat is a soaking tub. The ultimate in domestic extravagance, soaking tubs are as beautiful as they are decadent. Available in a variety of styles, colors and finishes, soaking tubs can be made to suit any aesthetic.
In addition to a vast collection of sinks, fixtures and bathroom furniture, Sinks Gallery features numerous superior soaking tubs. The Natural Stone Tub is an example of one of Sink Gallery's magnificent choices. Crafted from a single boulder and following the form of the natural stone, this unbelievable tub will be hand made from a boulder selected to fit your space.
For individuals seeking an ultra-modern soaking tub, the Double Wave is an excellent option. The Double Wave features a form fitting shape that allows for extreme relaxation. Crafted from fine grained concrete, this lovely, comfortable tub also has a silky texture. That’s a tub designed with the bath enthusiast in mind.
Soaking tubs are a sophisticated and unique alternative to standard tubs or Jacuzzi baths. From stainless steel, to copper; stone to even teak wood, Sinks Gallery brings an excellent line that allows you to think outside the traditional design box. Offering more variety in artisan crafted tubs than any other company in the business, Sinks Gallery is the best place to find truly functional art.