Stone Sinks

If you are re-designing your kitchen or bathroom and are looking for an exceptional place to shop for ideas, then look no further than Sinks Gallery. An extraordinary marketplace specializing in distinctive bath and kitchen products, Sinks Gallery features everything from vessel-mounted copper sinks to extraordinary wooden basins. What's more, most of the products offered by Sinks Gallery are artisan designed, making them truly original works of functional art.
Sinks Gallery specializes in a number of unusual basins, some of the more popular types being stone sinks. Although they might not seem so at first, stone sinks are very warm and serve as remarkable centerpieces to both kitchen and bath spaces. Some of the more unique stone products offered by Sinks Gallery are the sinks in our SoLuna onyx collection. Featuring a variety of different colors, such as Red Onyx, Multi-Green, Honey and Orange, and shapes, SoLuna onyx sinks are a unique and artistic alternative to granite or marble products.
The best part about the stone sinks offered by Sinks Gallery is that no two are alike. Because each one is hand-crafted from a solid piece of stone, the color variations and rock formations vary from sink to sink. What's more, these sinks are offered in round, square and oval to match practically any décor. This means that even the choosiest of sink-buyers will find exactly what they are looking for at Sinks Gallery.
The stone sinks described above are just some of the many spectacular products designed and offered by Sinks Gallery. For more information about these sinks, of if you would like to speak to a design expert at Sinks Gallery about creating a one-of-a-kind custom basin for your home, please feel free to browse the website, where you’ll find bath and kitchen ideas, product images, contact information and more.