Copper Sinks

Selecting a kitchen or bathroom sink used to be easy. Plumbing showrooms were dominated with the lines from just a few large companies selling ceramic, enamelled steel, cast iron and stainless steel sinks. In the past few years, there has been an explosion of new products in the sink category and a growing demand for hand crafted and custom work. There have been several "new" sink mediums gaining recent acceptance – glass, various stones, brass, copper, and even wood. At Sinks Gallery, we only work with true artisans that use time-tested techniques for creating quality, long-lasting products. We have seen mass-produced sinks stamped out on an assembly line and don’t want any part of it!

Copper sinks have been around for decades, but recently the popularity of copper has been on the rise. We have sold copper for many years but recently we have been deluged with questions about the longevity of copper sinks, what to look for when purchasing a copper sink, the care and maintenance of copper – we are simply amazed at the misinformation that exists on the internet. This article and the articles we recommend that you consult have been written by a team of industry experts who have been working in the plumbing industry and with copper for decades. Most of us have copper sinks in our home – both in the kitchen and bath – and appreciate the warm tones and personality that these sinks acquire over time.
When considering copper sinks, be careful! There is a bewildering array of copper sinks now on the market. Arm yourself with facts first and if in doubt, just be sure to buy from a reputable company. Many companies on the internet appear to be US companies, but oftentimes are not – and if you need warranty work or have problems, you want to be sure that the sink is backed by a reputable company.
Are there any tricks to installing a copper sink?
Sometimes the shape of a sink can alter during shipping. The bottom of the sink can even invert slightly, or develop a little waviness. This can easily be remedied by popping the bottom back down with the heel of your hand, or by gently tapping inside the sink with a rubber mallet in the immediate vicinity around the drain. This ensures that the drain hole is at its lowest point prior to installation, which will facilitate drainage.
Bending at the rim is another common result of shipping. The bend can be removed with little effort. Turn your sink upside down on a hard surface and gently tap the rim down with a wood or rubber mallet until it’s flat all the way around. This is a good idea even if there is no apparent unevenness or noticeable bends in the rim. Ensuring the flatness of the rim in this manner prior to installation will help create the best possible seal between your sink and countertop. This procedure will not affect your warranty and is a quick and easy way to make your sink installation ready.

For an in depth article on buying a copper sink, you might take a look at this article "Buying a Copper Sink".
How do they age?
By far the most common question we get is how the sinks age and questions about the patina. A copper finish is a living finish and never really stops changing in color. Every environment is different – whether in your kitchen, bath or bar so this question isn’t answered with an easy pat answer. That being said, the evolution of a copper finish is gradual, and as it ages it becomes even more handsome. You can greatly reduce this change with the use of wax such as Renaissance Bronze wax. Generally aging results in a mellow brownish weathered copper patina. We like to refer to it as the basins soul.
Are they difficult to maintain?
Copper sinks generally require the same maintenance as a porcelain sink – soap and water rinsing from time to time. And if you are concerned about water spots, there are several ways to avoid this including the finish you choose. Hand-hammered sinks, a rubbed bronze finish or copper/stainless steel hybrid sinks are a few of the options if you are concerned about this. For a much more in depth article on copper sink maintenance, please consult this article: Copper Maintenance Instructions.
How do I get a custom size, shape and finish?
Now you can have a sink designed around your lifestyle. No appliance in the kitchen is used as much as the sink. Assembly-line sinks are designed for the "average" consumer. They target the market where most sales can be made. The sinks we sell are designed specifically for you! If we don’t already carry the right size for you, our sink design specialists will assist you in designing the perfect sink that matches your lifestyle and décor. We will discuss your height, whether you are right- or left-handed, your food preparation style and how you clean up after a meal. All of these issues are important in designing your perfect sink. The possibilities are endless and your home will never be the same. The easiest way to start is to give us a call.
Why buy from Sinks Gallery?
We have the largest US inventory of copper sinks available and also specialize in custom sizes. Our SoLuna line of copper sinks is crafted specifically for us by our artisans in Mexico. We sell only the highest quality and thickest gauge copper.. We have been selling sinks for many years and have a lengthy list of satisfied customers. We stand behind our sinks and our service and you will not only get what you paid for, but we are always available to help you with your sink even after the sale. You can buy from us with confidence knowing you are getting the best value for your money from a company that cares.