Under Mount Sinks

Undermount is a style of sink that allows the basin to be mounted beneath the countertop. Very common in kitchens and bathrooms, these sinks are popular because they promote a seamless appearance and allow for effective use of space. With its plumbing almost always concealed behind cabinetry, the under-mount sink has an invisible advantage favored by individuals who like clean and uncluttered spaces.
One of the main identifying factors where under mount sinks are concerned is the fact that they do not feature decorative rims. In fact, because they are made to be mounted underneath the counter, many of these sinks don't have visible rims at all. Instead they are positioned either flush with the counter or a few inches beneath it.
There are many advantages to such seamless construction, one being ease of clean-up. Those who like to cook, for instance, frequently prefer under counter sinks because they can simply sweep unused food, crumbs, waste, etc. directly into the sink without having to worry about bits and pieces being obstructed and/or trapped by the rim. The same goes in the bar area. Spills and refuse are easy to brush into a sink that doesn't have a raised rim.
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