Will Your Copper Sink Turn Green?

Will Your Copper Sink Turn Green?



We’re all familiar with the light green color on the Statue of Liberty, which, of course, is made from copper.  What is this green color, and will your copper sink turn green?


Known as verdigris, this green pigment happens to copper, brass, and bronze when it’s exposed to seawater or salt air at the time of weathering.


Will this happen to your copper sink; it’s possible but highly unlikely. Most of the copper kept indoors will not develop verdigris, but if you live near the ocean and your copper sink is installed in an area that gets exposed to the salt air, you may see verdigris develop.


We’ve also seen some soaps cause green spots on copper.  Don’t worry though, these green spots aren’t harmful and some customers welcome this patina.


The green spots can be removed just like any other patina that develops on copper.  Store bought copper cleaner, vinegar, or even lemon juice will remove the patina.  Keep in mind that by removing the patina you are restoring the metal back to its original state, which is like a bright shiny new penny. You can also sometimes scrub the patina off using the rough side of your sponge.  Regardless of how you take it off, you will take the metal back to its raw copper color.  These shiny spots will develop a new patina over time and eventually blend in with the rest of the sink color.


Copper has a living finish and the color will always be changing.  Nothing is permanent, so enjoy the natural characteristics and how your sink will evolve over time.