Contemporary Bathroom Sinks

Contemporary styled bathroom sinks have become very popular with many of today's modern designers. With their artistic details and unique appearances, contemporary sinks are often considered the centerpieces of haute-design powder rooms. While anyone can buy a run-of-the-mill porcelain sink in a standard size, it takes a savvy individual to invest in a hand-crafted vessel mount or pedestal product. Perhaps that's what makes contemporary sinks so special.
Sinks Gallery specializes in contemporary bathroom sinks and offers a wide variety of hand-crafted products from which to choose, in all types of shapes, materials, and designs. While individual preference varies with aesthetic, one of the more popular products at Sinks Gallery is the Geo Basin sink. Constructed entirely from teak, the Geo Basin features sophisticated design elements including a rectangular shape and minimal fixtures. What's more, it’s a wall-mounted sink, which allows for an efficient use of space.
For those trying to achieve a super-modern feel in their bathroom, either the Gnaro Metal Wash Basin, or our Stone Sink with Stainless Counter Top would be an excellent choice. Similar in construction to the Geo Basin sink, both these are intended to be wall-mounted. They exemplify clean, modern lines, are unconventional in appearance and complement modern aesthetics.
When looking for a modern sink, it pays to be selective. While there are a vast number of suppliers, only a handful actually produce quality products. Sinks Gallery is a company that specializes in contemporary sinks, lighting, furniture and more, and produces some of the best hand-crafted sinks on the market. What's more, Sinks Gallery is very familiar with custom-orders, so clients can rest assured they can receive exactly the sink they desire.