Artisan Crafted is Eco-Friendly


Here at Artisan Crafted, we are dedicated to promoting our "green" sustainable products and have even created a special category for those of you who want to do your part. This can be especially useful to those of you who are going after LEED or Built Green Certification for you project.


EarthCrete Kitchen and Bath Sinks are made from almost 45% Portland cement replacements, including crushed glass and fibers, pulverized concrete from demolished roadways, and left over ingredients from the porcelain industry, along with other earth friendly proprietary materials. They contain no river rock and up to 87% less river and delta sand, reducing the impact on local waterways. This new material allows us to use far less material than the old wet cast process, reducing the weight up to 75%, which reduces carbon output in both manufacturing and shipping. All water used in the manufacture of EarthCrete is reclaimed.


SoLuna copper sinks are great examples of reuse. We make these sinks in Mexico from recycled copper reclaimed from building sites and other copper scrap that was formerly tossed into landfills. Unlike a lot of other copper sinks on the market, our sinks contain no lead.


Speaking of lead, when legislation in Vermont and California made lead free faucets a requirement, the faucet industry began phasing out products containing lead. Now many of the lines that we offer are lead free. You might also consider our hands free facets, which come on and shut off automatically saving thousands of gallons of water each year.


Another wonderful offering is aluminum composite sinks which are cast from salvaged brass, aluminum, and various other alloys rather than bronze, which is much heavier. These sinks also cut down significantly on transportation costs because of their light weight. They are made right here in the US by one of our leading foundries!


We have the only sinks that we know of made from 100% recycled glass that would otherwise go into dumpsters. The techniques and processes that are used to form and polish these sinks are dedicated to managing a sustainable business while creating high quality, one of a kind functional works of art. In fact, more hand work than machine work is used in the manufacture of these sinks in an effort to minimize electrical power use. Most of our associates, including our artisans who make these sinks also recycle paper, metals, plastics, and anything else associated with producing their earth friendly products.


And, check out our teak sinks! Teak is perfect for the precision work of making bath tubs and sinks because of its unique combination of great durability and stability. We have never had a failure and they continue to look great even 30 years later! Our teak sinks and bath tubs are made with environmentally sustainable wood, grown on plantations and harvested from mixed deciduous forests of South Asia, and not taken from rainforests. Elephants are often used to bring out the logs, resulting in far less of an impact on the forests than if machinery were used.


One of our most unusual and rustic collections is our Soluna root sinks from Bali. The wood used in these sinks is reclaimed from forest lands that were harvested many years ago. These are an exclusive here at Artisan Crafted and we are not aware of anywhere else where they can be found! Every aspect in the making of these sinks is done by hand, from the recovery of the raw material to the handwork used tomake them. Each sink is a piece of art in and of itself and no two are ever the same.


As an online company, we do not print catalogs that stuff mailboxes and over-tax municipal waste facilities by the billions each year. Our staff is dedicated to increasing awareness of sustainability and does its part here in our corporate offices by recycling and reusing as much as possible. Thank you for doing your part as well!