Farm Sinks

With bold and airy kitchen design becoming more and more commonplace, farm sinks have taken a dramatic rise in popularity. Distinguished for their vast scale and pretty finishes, farm sinks have the versatility of antique vessels and the style of contemporary products. What's more, they are as functional as they are beautiful.

The best thing about farm sinks is the fact they are designed to be used. With their exaggerated depths and hefty walls, farm sinks can hold a large number of dishes, pots, pans and nearly anything else. What's more, they are designed to last. A farm sink made of copper or bronze, for instance, will likely last longer than the kitchen itself!

Sinks Gallery is proud to offer a wide selection of farm sinks. Featured in a variety of different finishes, sizes and styles, the Sinks Gallery farm collection is nearly unparalleled. We even have farm sinks made from concrete, which are very popular. A traditionally designed farm sink featuring exposed apron and seamless construction, the concrete farm sink is available in more than 40 different colors as well as both single and double bowl design.

Another highly popular material for farmhouse style sinks is granite. The material-du-jour for many of today's most luxurious and state-of-the-art kitchens, granite provides the utmost in durability along with a mind boggling range of stone color, textures and grains. Whatever material you choose a farm sink is perfect for today’s combination of contemporary design and durable practicality.