Freestanding Bathtubs

We have freestanding bathtubs for every bathroom project; consider a bathtub carved from stone, a hand-hammered copper bathtub, or a sustainable, naturally antiseptic, and stunning teak wood soaking tub. Call for custom bathtub design consultation to create a custom bathtub specialized just for you and your project's needs!
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The common method of choosing your sink, faucet, and toilet to match the bathtub is no longer necessary. Browse through an eye popping array of ideas for finding the very best fixtures for your bath. A popular style is the free standing bathtub, and ours are elegant, simple, yet stately. Marble, granite, concrete, wood, and copper - we have bathtubs in every material, shape and color.

We even have amazing marble bathtubs made of carrera marble and bathtubs made of cavestone. Find a Japanese style soaking tub for those long hot soaks you love. And if we don't have exactly what you're looking for in a tub, we are experts at crafting custom bathtubs to your specifications.