What is a Vessel Sink & Why Should I Consider One for My Home?

The beauty of a vessel sink shines from many different perspectives. Many people think to their selves “maybe this style of sink basin is too contemporary”. What they don’t realize is bathroom vessel sinks have been in use for over 100 years! Not only that, but they are easily replaceable. Once you cut that hole for a drop-in or undermount sink, there’s no deciding you’d rather have a vessel mount sink without replacing your countertop! However, if you decide your bathroom vessel sink isn’t working for you, there’s little-to-no trouble in exchanging it for another kind of sink. Not to mention, maybe you want to switch your vessel sink out with a new style of vessel sink!

Here at Sinks Gallery we offer a vast selection of artisan designed and handcrafted vessel sinks. At first look, the options can be overwhelming—especially in the middle of a bathroom remodel. That’s what we’re here for! You may find it helpful to make a few decisions about what you’re looking for: Is your bathroom a tranquil retreat or colorful inspiration? Do you have a certain material in mind, or a certain style, say… to complement your mid-century modern bathroom furniture? Do you want your sink to accent the design of your bathroom, or do you want it to stand out?

We’ve put together some information to help you with your process in choosing a bathroom vessel sink. Note: Vessel mount sinks have a unique appeal; they act as functional art and conversation pieces. We continually talk about vessel sinks as bathroom sinks because vessel basins are not, practically nor functionally, designed as kitchen sinks. However, we do offer collections of prep, and kitchen sinks.

Materials: Ceramic, Glass, Bronze, Copper, Wood, Stone, and Concrete Vessel Sinks

Sinks Gallery prides itself in offering artisan designed and handcrafted products. We work directly with glass artists, metal smiths, and stone carvers to bring you the ultimate in quality from the best in the business at the greatest value.

Glass Vessel Sinks

Glass is an exceptional choice for your vessel sink because it comes in virtually any color, shape, and size. Glass vessel sinks can complement all sorts of bathroom furniture. Sinks Gallery takes custom sinks orders for our customers that have been inspired by the shape of one glass vessel sink with the colors or patterns of another. For an exceptional rendition on the glass vessel, under-light it for a glowing masterpiece!

Copper Vessel Sinks

Copper is a popular choice among Sinks Gallery customers for it has the advantage of natural anti-microbial properties and it develops beautiful patina over time. Our copper sinks are lead free, they are hand hammered in Mexico by 3rd generation coppersmiths with the thickets gauge copper on the market, and they come in a number of finishes.

Ceramic Vessel Sinks

Ceramic is a classic medium used in bathroom sink production. You will find quite a few modern interpretations on traditional ceramic sinks in our vessel collection, as well as artistic creations and designs. Our Marzi painted sinks come in a variety of shapes and sizes and motifs. If you have a specific motif in mind, they’ll work to create something personalized just for you!

Wood Vessel Sinks

Interior designers have prized the timeless beauty of wood for centuries. Sinks Gallery offers vessel sink designs in teak, tzalam, saman, bamboo, and even petrified wood! Specifically, Teak wood has natural antiseptic qualities that make it a lovely option for your bathroom sink. Wood sinks are truly beautiful, sustainable, long lasting, and the height of luxury.

Stone Vessel Sinks

Stone bathroom sinks are the epitome of naturalistic bathroom furniture and design. Some can be under-lit for a glowing jewel-like effect! Take a look at Sinks Gallery’s Guide to Different Types of Stone Sinks for more information on choosing a stone vessel sink basin. We also offer a selection of Concrete, Stainless Steel, and Bronze Vessel Sinks.

Custom Vessel Sinks

Our staff shares the excitement of your design project. At Sinks Gallery we provide our customers the opportunity to order custom vessel sinks; it is part of the beauty and satisfaction in working directly with artisans, masterfully crafting sink basins from glass, copper, stone, and more. With a custom sinks consultation, you will be provided with choices in sizes, materials and styles. We can help you find the right faucet, and other accessories, too!

Foundations: Pedestals, Countertops, and Vanities

Sinks Gallery offers a variety of bathroom furniture to accommodate vessel sink basins from pedestals, for a dramatic variation on the pedestal sink, to bathroom vanities and custom countertops.

Faucets: Wall Mount Faucets and Filler Faucets for Vessel Sinks

Bathroom sink faucets are commonly not quite tall enough to fit the height requirement of most vessel sinks. Think about it, usually a faucet can be as low as it pleases, since the water is just going to pour straight down into the bathroom sink! Granted, there are some vessels that are designed as shallow sort of sink basins, but for these, you won’t want your typical bathroom faucet gushing water and flooding the counter! Sinks Gallery offers wall mount faucets and vessel filler faucets specifically to meet your vessel sink needs.

Wall Mount Faucets

Wall mount faucets are a traditional style of bathroom sink faucet that, as the name indicates, mounts to the wall, and attaches to the pipes that run down the inside of the wall. They can be a beautiful addition to any bathroom project, no matter what kind of sink you have! Wall mount faucets work well with vessel sinks because they can be mounted at whatever height you need for a healthy faucet-sink relationship.

Vessel Filler Faucets

Vessel filler faucets are specifically designed to work with vessel sink basins. They are typically rather tall with a single, attached handle, and a small spout that pours into the basin. Vessel filler faucets mount to the countertop or vanity next to or behind your sink… whatever you prefer!

How Do I Install My Vessel Sink?

For instructions, see our article: Guidelines for Installing a Vessel Sink

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